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HydroBond CBN Water Soluble Powder is made with Open Book Extracts’ premium CBN Isolate. Through an emulsion process, this specialty blend is suspended in water allowing the CBN molecules to become nano-particularized.  Once the emulsion process is complete, the CBN is spray-dried onto a proprietary acacia fiber blend resulting in powder that is readily dispersible in liquid with no oily surfactants or bitter taste. The clean ingredients, gentle mineral water flavor, and white/clear color make the HydroBond™ CBN Water Soluble Powder an excellent formulation-ready addition to beverages and topicals alike.

What is Hydrobond™ Water Soluble CBN?

What is Hydrobond™ Water Soluble CBN?

Hydrobond™ CBN Powder is a water-soluble powder which leverages the high quality of OBX’s premium Isolate in collaboration with the water soluble know-how of Prinova. Prinova has used our broad spectrum distillate to create a water soluble product that is perfect for formulation for end products that want more bioavailability or for the product to completely dissolve in water.

Why Choose Hydrobond™ CBN Powder?

Why Choose Hydrobond™ CBN Powder for your products?

Our patent pending CBDryTM encapsulation process optimizes particle size for increased bioavailability, while also maintaining an extremely clean label. Our competitors use emulsifiers, stabilizers, and starches to produce their powders. These additives can have a negative impact on the sensory characteristics of the final product, as well as odd performance issues like ringing or creaming on the surface. Hydrobond  powder also contains extremely high purity raw material inputs from Open Book Extracts, which further improves the overall sensory characteristics of the powder. Lastly, our powders can be traced from seed to product, further increasing transparency and quality control.

Hydrobond™ Powder Dosage Charts

Not sure how much HydroBond™ water soluble CBN you need for your formulation? 

Below is a dosage chart to determine how much Hydrobond™ CBN Powder you should use to produce your desired formulation strength. 

Hydrobond™ CBN Powder 20%
200,000mg CBN for 1,000,000mg Hydrobond

  • 1mg CBN = 5mg Hydrobond™ CBN Powder 
  • 10mg CBN = 50mg Hydrobond™ CBN Powder 
  • 15mg CBN = 75mg Hydrobond™ CBN Powder 
  • 20mg CBN = 100mg Hydrobond™ CBN Powder 
  • 25mg CBN = 125mg Hydrobond™ CBN Powder 
  • 30mg CBN = 150mg Hydrobond™ CBN Powder  
  • 35mg CBN = 175mg Hydrobond™ CBN Powder  
  • 40mg CBN = 200mg Hydrobond™ CBN Powder  
  • 45mg CBN = 225mg Hydrobond™ CBN Powder 
  • 50mg CBN = 250mg Hydrobond™ CBN Powder
Other Information

A raw ingredient intended for formulating into finished products. The FDA has not evaluated this product for safety or efficacy. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Round Stainless Steel Food Storage Container (Single Use)
1 Kilo- 16 cm Diameter Container
5 Kilo- 26 cm Diameter Container
20 Kilo- 33 cm Diameter Container

12 months unopened from the date of production.

It is recommended to store this product upright, in the original container at temperatures <77°F(<25°C). Avoid exposure to light, excessive temperatures and moisture.

Appearance: White Crystalline powder
Consistency: Powder
Flavor: No distinct flavor
CBN Potency: 20%
Solubility: 100%
Acacia Fiber: 80%

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