ROXBORO, N.C.Sept. 1, 2020 — With demand increasing for traceable, high quality, hemp-derived minor cannabinoid ingredients like CBG and CBC, Open Book Extracts, an industry-leading producer of cannabinoid-based health and wellness products, is pleased to welcome the first harvests from its 2020 farm network, featuring strains high in CBG and CBC.

According to Nicole Brown, OBX’s Chief Commercial Officer, “CBD is no longer one-sized-fits-all. Rather than choosing Broad Spectrum Distillate or CBD Isolate, our more sophisticated and informed clients are requesting bespoke cannabinoid blends with precise ratios of CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, THCV, and CBDV. These ‘custom cannabinoid cocktails’ not only guarantee batch-to-batch consistency, but they provide a level of ease and confidence in the production of finished products. These bespoke blends allow brands to respond directly to the rising demand for products with defined amounts of each of the rare cannabinoids such as CBG and CBC, whose specific properties and benefits are now widely known by consumers.”

OBX curated the genetic mix for its 2020 farm network in response to this evolving demand. While the majority of the genetics planted by the OBX network are traditional high CBD strains, approximately 15% of its acreage is planted with high CBG strains and another 5% is planted with high CBC strains. This gives OBX the distinct advantage of being able to produce fully traceable CBD, CBG, CBC and CBN from organic certified hemp all under one roof, supporting the production of consistent custom blends without sacrificing unknown sourcing.

Plants are an efficient way to produce cannabinoids, and OBX is encouraged by the advancements being made in hemp genetics to improve access to hemp-derived minor cannabinoids. While planting new genetics is always a risk, it appears that with this year’s crop it was a risk worth taking. With planted hemp acreage in North Carolina down nearly 70%, OBX is glad to be in the market and is hopeful that prices will rebound for farmers.

“Being a hemp farmer has had its ups and downs over the past few years,” shared Chuck Dietzel, owner of Carolina Heritage Farms in Robeson County, one of the farms in OBX’s network. “At Carolina Heritage, we apply a data-driven approach to optimize and maximize yield, and we are always striving to be on the forefront of genetics. This year’s harvest is a testament to our farming excellence and constantly growing agricultural knowledge of hemp, enabling us to provide OBX with a certified organic CBG and CBC harvest.”

Ken Miller, the founder and owner of Peaceful Lane Farm in Guilford County, is equally committed. “While the hemp market is hard to predict, at Peaceful Lane Farm, we believe deeply in the therapeutic benefits of plant-based medicine, and in addition to the work we’ve put into obtaining our organic certification, we are continuing to invest in our infrastructure to drive down costs and remain competitive. We are in it for the long haul.”

Quality and consistency are top priorities for OBX, including its hemp farming network locations. OBX begins with diligent testing of the soils and water sources before a field is ever commissioned. By the time customers receive their OBX product they have typically been tested more than 20 times through the cultivation and manufacturing processes.

“We are grateful for the hard work and dedication of our agronomy partners,” comments Dave Neundorfer, CEO of Open Book Extracts. “The team has met all of the harvest time-line expectations, ensuring the health and integrity of our hemp harvest. This 2020 crop will allow us to advance our work with innovative cannabinoid blends, and continue to provide pure cannabinoids to our clients.”

About Open Book Extracts
Headquartered in Roxboro, N.C., Open Book Extracts is a cGMP-certified manufacturer of premium plant-based cannabinoid products, aiming to be the industry’s true north by delivering premium products, exceptional service, and industry-leading transparency. With control of the entire supply chain, a state-of-the-art extraction campus near North Carolina’s Research Triangle, proprietary refinement and conversion methods backed by a growing IP portfolio, and a team of PhD chemists and seasoned business leaders, OBX is positioned to be the trusted partner for global brands seeking to enter the marketplace. For more information, visit

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