Step Away Cannabis, Purissima Launches Fermentation-Derived Natural CBC From Microalgae Via OBX

by Nicole Brown

Step Away Cannabis, Purissima Launches Fermentation-Derived Natural CBC From Microalgae Via OBX

Vuk Zdinjak, Oct. 27, 2022 / Benzinga / — Purissima, announced the official commercialization and sample availability of their cannabichromene (CBC) in partnership with Open Book Extracts. This launch follows the unveiling of Purissima’s exclusive, multi-year processing and distribution partnership with OBX that was announced in July.

With this launch, Purissima reached commercial scale production of natural cannabinoids using microalgae fermentation. As part of the launch, Purissima is offering a discovery sample box containing CBC products such as a topical serum, gummies, capsules and tinctures, showcasing how CBC can be formulated in a multitude of consumer-friendly formats for anti-inflammatory and wellness benefits.

The benefits of CBC have been validated through multiple end user trials that have taken place this year. In June, Open Book Extracts and Radicle Science released its findings resulting from one of the largest IRB approved, placebo controlled cannabinoid trials. The study showed that a formulation which included CBD, CBN, and CBC led to meaningful improvement in sleep disturbance, pain and anxiety.

“In bringing this first-of-its-kind ingredient to market, Purissima is excited to showcase the potential that our biotechnology platform has on beauty, wellness, pharmaceutical industries and more,” stated Robert Evans, Purissima co-founder and chief business and strategy officer. “The effectiveness of CBC in both topical and ingestible formulations is a testament to the clear advantages that algae fermentation brings to the natural sourcing of hard to access ingredients. Versus plant sources of CBC, algae fermentation offers reliable and repeatable purity and dosage as well as a vastly more sustainable profile.”

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