Testing in the CBD Industry


A recent FDA report as of March 2020 shared that many CBD products were found to contain different levels of CBD than they claimed. In our commitment to build consumer trust, we recognize there is a need to raise the industry quality levels when it comes to testing and proper labeling. In this whitepaper, we provide you with an independent analysis of variations in testing results from 3rd-party labs, the common reasons why variations exists, and our expert opinion on how to follow repeatable and quality testing practices. 

The expertise is brought to you by Open Book Extracts’ Quality Control Manager, David Temelkoff, an analytical chemist with extensive quality control, instrumentation and R&D background in his 15 year tenure at GlaxoSmithKline. 

Download and read the whitepaper to discover: 

  • An analysis resulting in up to 47% overall mass difference in reported CBD and minor cannabinoids levels from well-known 3rd-party testing labs
  • The top 5 reasons that lab testing results vary and our recommendations to produce consistent, reliable results
  • A best practice checklist for testing if you are a processor or manufacturer and a best practice checklist for brands and CPG companies 

Download Our Testing Whitepaper

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