Open Book Extracts and Purissima have announced an exclusive, multi-year processing and distribution partnership

by Nicole Brown

ROXBORO, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, July 20, 2022 / — Purissima, a leading, next-generation, biotechnology health, and wellness company, has announced an exclusive, multi-year processing and distribution partnership with Open Book Extracts (OBX), a foremost and total solution provider for quality cannabinoid ingredients, concept-to-market formulation services, and finished goods manufacturing for the industry’s leading brands. This collaboration also marks Purissima as the first company to achieve commercial-scale production of minor cannabinoids using Purissima’s proprietary algae-based fermentation platform.

Kicking off production in July 2022, the compounds are proposed to be available to manufacturers and sold to consumer brands before fall 2022.

“This exclusive partnership validates Purissima’s capability to lead the industry forward in unprecedented research, fermentation scalability, and heightened minor cannabinoid access by consumers,” said Robert Evans, Purissima co-founder, and chief business and strategy officer. “The partnership with North Carolina-based Open Book Extracts will allow our sustainably produced, safe, and therapeutic compounds to create a new landscape of cannabinoid-infused products for companies and consumers alike.”

Purissima and OBX are both leading companies in their respective fields. Purissima’s technology platform offers OBX the opportunity to manufacture and deliver first-of-its-kind natural ingredients and products to their customers.

“Open Book Extracts thrives on aligning with companies that propel the cannabinoid industry through technological innovation and science-backed efficacy,” said Dave Neundorfer, Chief Executive Officer of OBX. “We look forward to working with Purissima to introduce this technology to the market. This partnership is mutually beneficial for the two industry frontrunners to forge a new path in sustainability and cannabinoid production. Rooted in groundbreaking science and high-quality, safe products.”

George Rudenko, Purissima co-founder, chief executive, and chief technology officer added, “Purissima’s multi-patented technology has proven that bioengineering plant-based ingredients and medicinal compounds, such as in the case of minor cannabinoids, is indeed a reality and will provide unparalleled development and amplification of rare and hard to find compounds. Through the commercialization of our first compounds, Open Book Extracts and Purissima can jointly redefine how cannabinoids are sustainably sourced, and their diverse health and wellness applications are realized at a commercial scale.”

This OBX partnership is the first step in bringing Purissima’s library of 70+ compounds to commercial scale and market. Minor cannabinoids are highly sought-after compounds that have garnered significant consumer interest based on their strong antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Some studies even indicate that minor cannabinoids have stronger anti-inflammatory properties than CBD. For more information on this partnership visit

Headquartered in Roxboro, N.C., Open Book Extracts is an NSF cGMP-certified manufacturer of premium cannabinoid products, aiming to be the industry’s true north by delivering premium products, exceptional service, and industry-leading transparency. With control of the entire supply chain, a state-of-the-art extraction and manufacturing campus near North Carolina’s Research Triangle, proprietary refinement and conversion methods backed by a growing IP portfolio, and a team of Ph.D. chemists and seasoned business leaders, OBX is the trusted partner for global brands seeking to enter the marketplace. OBX offers concept-to-market formulation and manufacturing services, leveraging a broad portfolio of cannabinoid ingredients, leading water soluble technology, and unique delivery mechanisms to help its clients bring to market a wide range of finished goods, from core softgels, capsules, and gummies, to orally dissolving tablets, tongue strips, and aerosol sprays.

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