Bulk THC Free Distillate Container



Our T-Free Broad Spectrum oil is a refined version of the full-spectrum extract. All of the therapeutic compounds found in the full-spectrum oil are preserved. We then remove the THC molecule completely. This extract delivers enhanced therapeutic benefits without the risk of psychoactive effects of THC.

Our Full spectrum CBD oil contains all the same cannabinoids and compounds found in the hemp plant. With more than 100 different cannabinoids naturally present in the hemp plant, full spectrum oil enables what is commonly referred to as the ‘entourage effect’, or the therapeutic impact of these cannabinoids interacting with each other. This wholesale full spectrum CBD oil also retains other beneficial aspects of the plant, such as essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, terpenes, flavonoids, and fiber.

With 300-1,500mg per one-ounce bottle, each serving delivers 10-50mg/mL of CBD derived from 100% US grown Hemp. Serving size is 1 dropper (1 mL) with 30 servings per bottle.


T-Free Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum


  • Natural
  • Lemon Drop
  • Peppermint


  • 600mg/33mL
  • 1,200mg/33mL

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NATURAL: Fractioned Coconut Oil, Full Spectrum Distillate or T-Free Broad Spectrum Distillate

LEMON DROP: Fractioned Coconut Oil, Full Spectrum Distillate or T-Free Broad Spectrum Distillate, Lemon Flavoring, Stevia

PEPPERMINT: Fractioned Coconut Oil, Full Spectrum Distillate or T-Free Broad Spectrum Distillate, Peppermint Flavoring

How to Store

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

RECOMMENDED TEMP: 68-77° F (20-25° C)

MIN TEMP: 59° F (15° C)

MAX TEMP: 86° F (30° C)

CONTAINER: Opaque Amber


All pricing includes flavoring, compounding, packaging (tincture bottle), filling and labeling. 

*Please call for quote.

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