Safety & Efficacy

OBX is one of only a few companies in the industry investing in safety and efficacy research.

Our research includes toxicology studies, university partnerships to support pre-clinical studies for selected disease models, IHUT efficacy studies with Radicle Science, and internally-conducted consumer insight studies. These efforts position OBX to better understand the potential of cannabinoids and their ability to support better quality of life outcomes.

Safety First

At Open Book Extracts, we are committed to advancing cannabinoid science. We have invested in comprehensive toxicological safety assessments for CBG, CBC, CBN, and CBDV. While there is an abundance of published literature on the safety of CBD, the completion of Phase 2 repeated dose 90-day oral toxicity studies (OECD 408) for these minor cannabinoids is a big step forward for the industry, setting the bar for all cannabinoid manufacturers and encouraging them to conduct similar toxicological assessments on their own raw materials.

To view a summary of the completed safety studies, please click here.

Products That Work

We have conducted large-scale, multi-arm in-home user testing (IHUT) studies with Radicle Science looking at the efficacy of cannabinoids for joint health, sleep, and focus. We have also built out a platform to conduct our own IHUT studies, which we have used to evaluate the efficacy of cannabinoids for mood modulation and women’s wealth.

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