Product Development

The success of your new product line demands the highest quality ingredients and advanced lab facilities to create your custom formulations.

Our team is committed to science-led innovation to create products that work for brands that care, delivering research-backed formulations in effective, next-generation products across a wide variety of form factors. OBX works collaboratively with each of our clients to develop sophisticated formulations in innovative form factors, often leveraging new and cutting-edge technologies to deliver better solubility, greater bioavailability, and faster onset.

Ongoing Research

Our team is devoted to ongoing research as a commitment to your success. Not only do we conduct comprehensive research for your product formulation, we also conduct ongoing research on the latest ingredients and marketplace trends to inform your product design. You can rely on our research, data, knowledge, and expertise to keep you ahead of the curve.

During the formulation stage, our experienced food scientists will work with you to understand the intended benefits of your custom formulation and help you select ingredients to optimize your products.

Our custom product development services include:






Aerosol Sprays

Pet Products

Topical & Cosmetic Products

From concept to market, we prioritize quality and efficacy, ensuring every product meets the highest standards. Our team of experts tirelessly explores innovative ingredients and formulations, leveraging the latest scientific advancements to create products that redefine wellness. You can trust in our product development capabilities to shape the future of your brand.

We can support your formulation needs wherever you are in the process.

  • Custom Formulation – building a prototype based on your vision
  • Reverse Engineering – recreating an existing product
  • Formulation Enhancement – incorporating new cannabinoids or coactives

Creating new products is a collaborative effort with our clients, our in-house formulation team, and our raw material vendors.

The OBX product development team meets regularly with raw material vendors, both domestic and international, to ensure we are on trend and have the highest quality raw materials available for our clients. Our formulators also work within your budget to include ingredients that meet your price range.

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